We can do anything connected with tyres from the biggest to the smallest. 
From Mowers and Wheel Barrows,
Quad bikes & Motorbikes,
Car from Classic to the latestest high performace sports cars.
Van, Caravan and Trailer.
4x4 and SUV.
Light/Heavy Truck units and Trailers.
Agricultrai from tractors to trailers
Forklift solid and pnumatic, Industrial, and Forestry

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Punture Repairs

Are your tyres regularly loosing air? Wether it's due to a nail in your tyre, a leaky valve or some corrosion on you wheel. We can have you back on the road in no time. 

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TMPS Valves

With a range of TPMS valves in stock. Specialist TPMS software and diagnostic equipment. If you should have any problems with your Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors make us your first port of call

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Mobile Fitting

Stuck at the side of the road, or woken up to a flat tyre on your drive. From your average Ford Focus, right through to the biggest tractors and trucks. We can come to you and have you back rolling in no time. (call out charges may apply)

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Wheel Balancing

With the latest in Bosch wheel balancing equipment. Peugeot and Citroen spiciest equipment. Motorbike and classic wheel specialist adapters. We’ll be sure to fix your wobbles and shakes in no time.

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Fleet Management

With well over 20 years experience in the tyre industry. We can manage your fleet giving you personalised independent tyre advice on best tyres to suit your needs. Or other cost effective tips on how to get more from your fleet’s tyres.

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Locking wheel nut removal

Specialist in locking wheel nut removal, not been beaten by a set yet. If you have lost or broke your locking wheel nut key give us a call, pop up with your car and we’ll get them off for you.

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New Alloy Wheels 

Team Dynamics, BBS, and 3SDM Dealers. Calibre, Dezent, Fox, Dare, Targa, RVR and many more available. We have access to a massive range of new alloy wheels, wether its as part of a package or using your current tyres, we can sort you a deal on looking awesome.

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Independent Tyre Advice

As we are not tied to any of the big brands or any networks. We can offer great honest independent advice or tyre choice or any of your other tyre needs. We have many years experience, give us a call. 

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Alloy wheel Referbishment

From tired and tatty, corroded and curbed to shinny and new in less than a week. We can look after your car for a week while sending your wheels off for a professional referb service. 

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Winter/Summer Tyre storage

We can swop and store your summer/winter tyres and wheels when out of season. Fully insured and low cost service. Ideal for you to be using the right tyres at the right time of year without the hassle.

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Tyre Regrooving 

Increase in grip and fuel efficiency, and up to 20% more miles. Regooving can be a very cost effective way to get the most from your truck tyres.



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